This Is Why We’re Here

Consciousness (the divine, the whole, All That Is) divides into parts (individual souls) for this reason: To enter dimensional existence (the physical universe and its worlds) in order to learn about love. This mission never varies. It is the lone star that guides us 

This is why we’re here – to discover love. The Divine, when it was one consciousness, when it was undifferentiated, could not love. Love is an experience that requires duality. It occurs at the junction, the meeting place of two or more consciousnesses. So the Divine had to divide into parts – souls – in order to experience love. But there was a problem. In the spirit world love has an automaticity. It just happens because the entities, while separate, are also fused into one. The love isn’t forged, chosen, or created because the “all are one” experience makes love necessary, determined, unchosen. While deeply satisfying and very beautiful (blissful), this uncreated, unchosen love is not complete.

Only with complete separation (an illusion created by our incarnations on earth and other planets) can love finally be created intentionally and fully evolve from something that just is to something that generates and grows. Our journey here, and the aloneness our spirits feel in this place, is a necessity for the evolution of love. The Devine grows in its knowledge of love as we do. The trajectory of consciousness on earth is moving from selfishness (protecting and preserving the life of the individual) to community to oneness. All fueled by intentional love. This oneness we will eventually achieve here is fundamentally different from the unchosen oneness of the spirit world. When, as individual entities, we achieve it on earth we will discover a higher, chosen, and created love beyond what consciousness has ever known. 

There are a hundred ways to manifest love on earth (healing, holding, community building, protecting, validating, teaching, cleaning, beautifying, giving, joining, sacrificing, witnessing another’s pain, caring and supporting in the face of pain, yearning, grieving, taking a blow meant for another, paying attention/seeing, surrendering, compassion, and so many others). Most of these forms of love are unavailable in the spirit world, but they teach lessons we couldn’t learn otherwise. All of them advance the conscious discovery of love.