Seeking Jordan

Exploring the Depths of Grief and Healing

In the book "Seeking Jordan," psychologist Matthew McKay embarks on a profound quest to reconnect with his murdered son, Jordan. His odyssey begins in Chicago, where he encounters Allan Botkin and the transformative therapy of Induced After-Death Communication (IADC). Through this innovative method, McKay hears Jordan's voice for the first time since his tragic passing, offering solace and reassurance.


A Path of Discovery

McKay's journey leads him through diverse avenues of exploration, from the life-between-lives hypnotic induction pioneered by Michael Newton to the realm of channeled communication with after-death experts like Ralph Metzner and medium Austyn Wells. Through these encounters, he gains profound insights into the nature of existence and the enduring bond between souls.

Embracing Love and Growth

Through countless channeled conversations with Jordan, McKay learns that despite the pain of loss, the soul remains unbroken and eternal. He discovers that suffering serves as a catalyst for growth and understanding, teaching us to embrace love in the face of adversity. As Jordan affirms, the conversation between souls transcends life and death, offering profound comfort to those left behind.

Finding Meaning Beyond Loss

"Seeking Jordan" offers a profound perspective on grief and healing, illuminating the enduring connection between loved ones and the transformative power of love. Through McKay's journey, readers are invited to explore the depths of the human spirit and discover solace amidst life's greatest challenges.

Seeking Jordan
Seeking Jordan

Revealing Spiritual Truths

In the pages of "Seeking Jordan," "The Luminous Landscape of the Afterlife," "Love in the Time of Impermanence," and "Lessons from the Afterlife," channeled communications offer profound answers and pathways of discovery to some of humanity's most pressing spiritual questions:

  • Understanding Pain and Loss: Delve into the significance of suffering and loss, discovering how these experiences shape our life's purpose.
  • The Purpose of Existence: Explore why souls come to Earth and how our journey here contributes to the evolution of all beings.
  • The Cycle of Reincarnation: Unravel the mysteries of reincarnation, gaining insight into the continuous journey of the soul across multiple lifetimes.
  • The Dynamics of Soul Groups: Discover the interconnectedness of souls as they return to Earth in groups, playing diverse roles in the grand theater of existence.
  • Beyond Sin and Damnation: Challenge conventional notions of sin and evil, embracing a perspective that acknowledges the inherent goodness of all beings.
  • Life-Between-Lives: Explore the realm between incarnations, gaining glimpses into the soul's journey and the first experiences after death.
  • Transcending Tragedy: Find solace in the understanding that death and loss are not endpoints but transitions, where love transcends the boundaries of mortality.
  • Communication with the Departed: Learn techniques to open channels of communication with departed loved ones, fostering continued connection and healing.
  • Bridging Science and Spirituality: Discover pathways to reconcile the perceived divide between science and spirituality, validating the truth inherent in spiritual experiences.

Empowering Healing

Seeking Jordan is more than a tale of personal loss. This book extends profound support to those navigating grief, fostering a connection to boundless love. As Marilyn Schlitz eloquently describes, it offers healing that resonates deep within the soul, transcending boundaries of separation. Currently out of print, it will be reintroduced in 2025.

Recent Releases

  • The Luminous Landscape of the Afterlife: Detailed insights into the afterlife, guiding readers on preparing for the transition.
  • Love in the Time of Impermanence: A transformative guide to infusing daily life with love, authored by Jordan and Matthew.
  • Lessons from the Afterlife: Unveiling the purpose behind incarnation, shedding light on the existence of the physical plane.

About Dr. Matthew McKay

Dr. McKay, a clinical psychologist and professor at the Wright Institute, is a pioneer in psychotherapy research. He founded the Berkeley CBT Clinic and co-founded the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, dedicated to serving low-income PTSD clients. With over 40 co-authored books, selling over 4.5 million copies, McKay's contributions extend across the realms of psychology and spirituality. He has co-developed five treatment protocols, addressing various psychological challenges and fostering spiritual growth and development.

Seeking Jordan and the Quest for Connection

Fifteen years ago, Dr. McKay's world was shattered by the loss of his son, Jordan. This devastating event spurred him on a profound journey to reconnect with Jordan, initially seeking reassurance of his existence and later delving into the mysteries of the afterlife. Through this transformative quest, McKay discovered the practice of channeled writing, which became the cornerstone of his four seminal books on Jordan's teachings.

Facilitating Healing Through Channeled Writing

In recent years, Dr. McKay has become a beacon of hope for those grappling with grief, fear of death, and profound loss. Through his private practice and widespread

 teachings, he employs a multifaceted approach encompassing channeled writing, past- and life-between-lives inductions, Induced After-Death Communication, and Acceptance and Mindfulness therapies. This holistic methodology provides profound solace and healing for individuals navigating the depths of grief and existential uncertainty.

Seeking Jordan

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