Jordan…Why Beauty is Truth

Everything that we experience as beautiful is a response to the cause and effect that governs existence and leads to the evolution of consciousness. Beauty reflects the truth that everything observable – trees, rocks, and human behaviors – is a response to the prime force of cause and effect. Artistic expression is the reflection, description, and recording of this process. 

We observe:

• Rocks wearing away in various, seemingly random shapes in the bed of a stream – but they are rocks of different composition and hardness, effected by the swirling forces of water in different ways at different depths and placements in the stream.

• The sounds of water falling – each individual drop effected by wind, velocity, and intervening rocks and outcroppings to create the total experience of sound and spray – that keeps changing as each condition of cause and effect keeps changing.

• The shape of high granite peaks – carved by wind, freezing and unfreezing water, volcanic up thrust, the direction of driven rain and runoff – all beautiful effects. 

• Sadness and seeking to connect in the face of loss. 

• Aggression or acts of love in the face of threat. 

• A stand of trees – the shape of each branch and the unique, etched pattern against the sky – as a response to a multiplicity of causes.

Every response to every cause and condition – whether rock, tree, or human – is beautiful. And unlike every other. A row of perfect and identical trees would not be beautiful. Perfect symmetry is not beautiful. The unique response to each cause, each condition is beautiful. And the truth contained in that response – that every condition requires an adaptation, every condition leads to a consequence, and (for higher consciousness) every condition must be met with some form of coping – is beautiful.

The evolution of a species, of a planet, and of god is driven by the truth that every condition (cause) requires a response. And that response, whatever it is, reflects something beautiful. The documentation of that response, in any form, is art.